Available Services

Cattle Services:

  • Ultrasound Pregnancy Diagnosis
    • Ultrasonography is a highly accurate method to determine pregnancy in cows as early as 40 days of gestation and allows for fetal measurements to determine the stage of pregnancy.  This allows us to differentiate between A.I. pregnancies and bull-bred pregnancies when performed in the first trimester.
  • Portable Chute
    • Our portable For-Most chute can be set up at the end of an alleyway in about 15 minutes and used to work all stages of cattle; from small calves all the way up to your herd bull.
  • Calf Processing (including castration, vaccination, implants, bangs vaccine, etc.)
  • Next Business Day  In-House BVD Persistent Infection testing
  • Herd Health Investigation
  • On-Farm Breeding Soundness Exams
  • Heifer Development Services (including Pelvic Measurement and Reproductive Tract Scoring)
  • Post-Mortem Exams
  • A variety of animal health related products, including vaccines, antibiotics, and dewormers.
  • On-Call Emergency Services

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