Buyer's Guide

If you are feeling  confused or overwhelmed about which product you should choose for family pet, then look no further.  This page provides a brief list of pet care products from each of the major product categories that are recommended by the doctors and staff at CCVS.  This list is not meant to be comprehensive of all the quality products available, simply a compilation of the best of the best.

  • Heartworm Preventative for dogs
    • Interceptor Plus:  A soft, flavored chew given every 30 days.  Added benefit of treating all the major intestinal parasites.
    • Revolution and Advantage Multi:  Both are once monthly topical products for dogs that are reluctant to take a flavored treat.
    • ProHeart 6:  An injection given at the clinic that lasts for 6 months.  This is NOT available through the online pharmacy but is a great option for dogs that don't take chewables well or for owners who have a hard time  remembering to give a monthly preventative.
  • Heartworm Preventative for cats (Yes, cats can get heartworms too!)
    • Centragard:  Topical heartworm preventative and dewormer applied once per month.
    • Revolution and Revolution Plus:  Both are topical heartworm and flea preventatives from the same company.  The "Plus" signifies that it also kills and prevents ticks.  Both of these products also work well for stubborn or chronic ear mite infestations.
  • Flea and Tick Preventative
    • Dogs:  We recommend Bravecto, Credelio, and NexGard.  All 3 are in the same drug class and all are available in flavored chews.  Bravecto is also available in a topical form for dogs and has the added benefit of killing fleas and most ticks for THREE months, while Credelio and NexGard each are given once per month.
    • Cats:  Bravecto is also available in a topical form for cats which lasts 3 months.  Catego is another once monthly topical option that we have used on our own cats with good results.
  • Food:  Purina Pro Plan is our #1 food recommendation.  We recently switched our own pets to this brand and have been really happy with it.  Purina has a wide selection of prescription diets for pets with special dietary needs, but also has options for wellness diets.  We feed our dogs Savor, which has soft meaty chunks in it that dogs love and probiotics for digestive health.  Another top wellness option is Focus, which is formulated to promote brain and vision function.
    • Other good food options include Hill's and Royal Canin.

To purchase these recommended products or to find out more, call us at 660-542-6149 or visit our online pharmacy to have your purchase delivered.

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